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Design Of Advertising Products Vacuum Forming Nov 06, 2017

The production of molds, commonly used molds are wood mold, with the company's production of the template saw a production completed, but also can be used in hand-run (price of about 200-1000 yuan) to make molds.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming 

Deep processing of the mold: grinding, trimming, so that the smooth and smooth mold. Mold in the blister platform positioning, yin and yang mold alignment position coincident fixed. Acrylic plate heating, blister equipment host temperature commonly used upper limit set at 70 ℃ lower limit in 150 ℃.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming

Acrylic sheet heating to meet the soft needs of the temperature, placed in (I, Ⅱ type) blister platform suction molding. After forming the semi-finished product acrylic panel, by milling machine milling off the extra corners. Acrylic panel and acrylic character splicing (note: only for acrylic character lightbox do not use this procedure).Advertising Products Vacuum Forming 

Select the appropriate metal border and electrical lighting equipment metal frame function is mainly to integrate the various parts of the light box, the need for precise size, beautiful appearance, and a certain degree of mechanical strength of the sealing performance, protect the light box internal electrical lighting part will not be damaged. As for the use of specific materials, it is necessary to determine according to the actual situation, you can use aluminum alloy profiles, steel and so on.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming

The importance of the base material of the light box is equivalent to the foundation of the building. Light box signs industry widely used materials are mainly 3 categories: Acrylic plate, PC board and PVC light box cloth, and acrylic board is undoubtedly one of the most promising materials.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming

It is recommended that all light box signboards with acrylic plates and a height greater than 600 mm should be properly designed with the top hanging fixed. In case the light box due to the weight of deformation. In order to hang acrylic light box on the top of the signboard, to be glued to the top edge of the panel or other methods fixed acrylic bar, and with the light box frame firmly combined, as hanging crane beam, and then, the top side will bear all the weight.Advertising Products Vacuum Forming