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Instrument Temperature Of Auto Car Parts Vacuum Forming Nov 06, 2017

The so-called standard parts suppliers, they are invisible to the end user, is the brutal competition of the bear. This includes common blow molding components such as liquid containers, automotive interiors and gas conduits for engine compartments.Auto Car Parts Vacuum Forming 

Because suppliers are aggressively promoting their products to prevent a slump in prices, such as the combination of different blow molding components to form independent secondary products, or the integration of assembly systems.Auto Car Parts Vacuum Forming

The trachea in the car is responsible for conveying the air conditioner gas in the air conditioner to the radiator with minimal flow resistance. Only minimal predetermined gas leaks are allowed to greatly limit the accuracy of the production process. In order to withstand the high temperature of automotive interiors, the former standard HDPE was replaced by pp. Most automakers need dashboard parts to withstand temperatures of 120 ℃ in their performance specifications.Auto Car Parts Vacuum Forming 

Almost all automotive interiors require specifications to be capable of up to 90 ℃ high temperatures of up to 2-10 hours without any additional mechanical requirements. In order to meet these requirements, the instrument Board Air Supply system needs to be made of modified pp.Auto Car Parts Vacuum Forming

The production of trachea equipment has been on the market for many years, the main form is the clamping force range of 25 tons to 60 tons of the so-called small blow molding machine. In this, the diameter of 80mm, with three-segment screw extruder is the most common.Auto Car Parts Vacuum Forming 

The melt is transported at a continuous output rate or with a storage head of 2.5 liters to 5 litres. Machines are increasingly being equipped with manipulator, removing blown parts and sending them to subsequent devices without additional manpower. These follow-up devices may contain a cutting device or a flying edge device.Auto Car Parts Vacuum Forming

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