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The Performance Of Vacuum Form Advertising Light Box Nov 06, 2017

Acrylic plate is a special treatment of organic materials, due to its excellent toughness and good light transmittance, early used in the manufacture of aircraft and tanks of glass, modern acrylic materials coated with high-strength ultraviolet absorbent and has a colorful color. The night is colourful and penetrating. Anti-sun and rain, the service life of up to more than 10 years, is currently one of the most popular outdoor signage production materials.Vacuum Form Advertising Light Box

Produced products with superior plasticity, light transmittance and surface smoothness, its outstanding space performance is clearly superior to other forms of advertising, it uses acrylic surface, metal groove shell, built-in light source, very visual impact, has become an international brand of outdoor publicity preferred.Vacuum Form Advertising Light Box

At present, the market price of acrylic sheet metal is generally 5-30 yuan/kg, not only high unit price, resulting in a large cost amortization. After the material decision, the need to determine the appropriate size of the light box, need to be clear: acrylic casting plate length is limited, Maximum of 3-3.5 m;Vacuum Form Advertising Light Box 

Acrylic extruded sheet can be supplied in the form of the coil, theoretically unlimited length of the acrylic extruded plate to make the length of the seamless light box signs; such as the use of acrylic casting plate, the general need to stitching the size of the light box signboards, under the action of wind pressure may be deformed Normal acrylic plate manufacturers will provide the corresponding product specifications.Vacuum Form Advertising Light Box

Previously said, now acrylic blister production is basically mechanized production, some new equipment applications in improving production efficiency at the same time, greatly reducing the labor intensity of workers. Acrylic blister materials After the basic molding, but also through milling, router milling, grinding and other processes, the final light box to pave the lights, paint after the completion of production.Vacuum Form Advertising Light Box