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The Production Line Of Machine Shell Vacuum Forming Oct 26, 2017

In the equipment of the refrigerator production line, vacuum blister molding machine system is very popular, for each type of refrigerator in different models to the parameters of the process and mold to adjust, with the localization of PLC and the cost of continuous reduction, PLC in the industrial production line energy saving and improve production efficiency has played an increasingly important role.Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

The end of a work cycle. At the same time in the execution of the action in case of accident can press the emergency stop button, the action immediately stop; All actions are displayed on the touch screen interface. Parameter adjustment: Adjust the screen interface through the touch parameter to the product model, action time setting, temperature setting, pressure and speed setting, heating position and heating power percentage. Control cabinet power supply must be in line with the standard three-phase five-wire system power supply, all equipment on the grounding terminals must be correct grounding, can improve product safety.Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

Vacuum Suction machine is the use of vacuum suction, will be heated plastic PVC, PE, PP, PET, hips and other thermoplastic plastic coil into a variety of shapes of high-grade packaging boxes, boxes and other products. Its main structure is made of feed, pull material, up and down electric heating furnace, lower gate, multi-function adjustable size, lower die plate, upper die, Upper gate, knife Gate, slicing, release and vacuum device, etc. to pneumatic device as the main power source, time relay, intermediate relay, stroke switch and other electrical components of automatic control system. The requirement of the plastic-suction machine to control system is to ensure the operation is convenient, the mechanical action and temperature control is high, the production time is short, and the power consumption of the machine can be saved under the same production conditions.Machine Shell Vacuum Forming

The control of heating element adopts PWM pulse width modulation technology, reduces the fluctuation of PID regulation, reduces the control lag, improves the reliability of equipment, and shortens the production and commissioning time of the equipment, and uses touch screen as Man-machine interface to improve the automatization, aesthetics and efficiency of the machine. The use of touch screen as human-machine interface, you can at any time intuitive understanding of the production status of equipment, improve the modernization of the machine and automation, convenient operation, can achieve more than 1 people. The system can alarm the equipment malfunction and operation error, and improve the safety of equipment.Machine Shell Vacuum Forming